2009 CIFA SRF National Workshop

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Monday November 2 - Plenary Session

11:00 AM Sessions

I. SRF 101 - Streamlining the SRF Application Process

II. The Impact of State Budget and Market Conditions on Leveraging Strategies

III. Strategies for Green Infrastructure: Getting to 20%

IV. Water Efficiency in the DWSRF and CWSRF Programs

2:00 PM Sessions

I. SRF 101 - Credit Review of Loan Borrowers: Best Practices

II. ARRA Implementation: Waivers, Audits, and Reporting

III. Comprehensive Planning for Sustainable SRF Projects

IV. Rural Development and ARRA/Coordination

3:30 PM Sessions

I. SRF 101 -Cross Cutters: Understanding the Environmental and Cultural Reviews II. Build America Bonds and the SRF III. Additional Subsidization: Where is it Going and Why? IV. EPA Office of Inspector General ARRA Training Tuesday November 3

10:00 AM Sessions

I. SRF 101- Evaluating the Technical, Financial, and Managerial Capacity of SRF Loan Applicants II. Financing Green Infrastructure and Getting Repaid III. The Administration's Sustainability Focus and the Implications for SRF Programs

11:15 AM Sessions

I. Emerging Green Technologies in SRF Projects CWSRF White Paper -

Note: To view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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