2010 CIFA SRF National Workshop

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Monday November 15, 2010

Using the CWSRF for Land Conservation Projects

SRF 101 - Implementing Davis-Bacon Requirements Preserving the Corpus: Issues and Challenges The Sustainability Agenda: Sustainability Planning Use of Grants and Loans by Small Communities for Planning/Design Work The Sustainability Agenda: Community Sustainability Green Project Reserve: Making the Business Case The Oklahoma Impact Measures Project: Characterizing the Benefits of ARRA CWSRF Funding Internal Controls: Managing Risk Additional Subsidization: Policies, Practices, and Perspectives Restructuring SRF Leveraging Models

Tuesday November 16, 2010

SRF 101 - Assisting Disadvantaged Communities

Re-evaluating CWSRF Priority Settings

The Sustainability Agenda: Sustainable Systems

Rating Approaches to State Revolving Funds and Municipal Pools

Watersheds and Infected Trees

The Energy-Water Nexus

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