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No. 1

"New Directions in Infrastructure Financing," V. Kennedy, 1988.

No. 2

"State Revolving Funds Under Tax Reform," Graham, Shinn, Peterson, 1989.

No. 3

"Financial Alternatives for Small Water and Wastewater Utility Systems," M. Curley, 1990.

No. 4

"Tax-Exempt Financing of Municipal Recycling Facilities," R. Ollis, 1991.

No. 5

"State Municipal Bond Banks," D. Irvin, 1993.

No. 6

"Leveraged SRF Programs," P. Ladd, 1994.

No. 7

"State Revolving Loan Fund Survey 1994," Ohio Water Development Authority, 1995.

No. 8

"State Revolving Loan Fund Survey 1994," Ohio Water Development Authority, 1996.

No. 9

"Analysis of State Bond Banks," Government Finance Group, 1997.
Download PDF file [183K]

No. 10

"Credit Considerations for Reaching Nonpoint Source SRF Borrowers," CIFA & GFG, 1999.
Download PDF file [601K]

No. 11

"The Programmatic and Financial Integration of Grants and Loans Within the State Revolving Funds," Paul Marchetti, 2001.
Download PDF file [70K]

No. 12

"Managin Money State SRF Short Term," CIFA,
Download PDF file [133K]

No. 13

"Adapting The SRF For New Financing," CIFA,
Download PDF file [79K]

No. 14

Budget Challenges for SWSRF Funding.
"Budget Monograph Cover"
"Budget Monograph Foreward"
"Budget Monograph"

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